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Welcome to BHANK! Studios

At BHANK! Studios, we are a publishing house dedicated to telling stories that inspire, educate, empower, and promote positive change.

Our journey began with some simple questions:

What if we celebrated the quirks that makes us unique?

What if we valued the moments of vulnerability and honesty that connect us all?

What if we create a platform with people from various backgrounds that want to celebrate the importance of being HANK

- Honest, Authentic, Nerdy, and Kind?

Welcome to a world where every story matters.


Our Mission

Our mission at BHANK! Studios is to celebrate the HANK values through our work, fostering a deeper understanding and connection among people. 

From compelling and intimate portrait interviews in our books to captivating documentaries and docu-series, BHANK! Studios highlights individuals who embody the HANK principles. 

We believe in the transformative power of genuine stories, the beauty of individual quirks, and the profound impact of kindness.

At BHANK! Studios, every story is an opportunity to celebrate uniqueness and inspire positive change.

"We believe that everyone has a unique and compelling story to tell. Our vision is to capture these stories and foster a more inclusive, empathetic, compassionate, and connected world.

We aim to transform 'HANK' into a widely recognized adjective that embodies honesty, authenticity, nerdiness, and kindness."

Hanna B. Kristoffersen, Founder, Head Writer and Editor-In-Chief at BHANK! Studios

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