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BHANK! Books

Introducing the "We are HANK!" Series

In our search to celebrate individuals who represent the values of HANK, we present our flagship project, the "We are HANK!" book series.


​The "We are HANK!" portrait series is presented in a coffee table book format, combining stunning black-and-white photography with in-depth portrait interviews of individuals who all are HANK - Honest, Authentic, Nerdy and Kind.


Our 'We are HANK!' series isn't just about celebrities and well-known faces; it's about highlighting individuals from various backgrounds, life-phases and professions.


We explore each person's life story, their core values, unique experiences, perspectives, and impact on the world.


We’re not chasing perfection. We’re not chasing people without flaws and past mistakes.

We are chasing humans who seek new knowledge for the sake of understanding and continuous growth, who values how kindness in every action can make a profound change in the world, who are honest in their interactions with others and who supports our vision in fostering a more inclusive, empathetic, compassionate, and connected world.​

- A world where everyone can identify with being HANK!

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*Disclaimer: These images are mockups and will not be used in the actual books.

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